We promise our donors to operate with integrity and transparency in all our transactions.

This document outlines how our ministry handles your donations of money and or goods. This document also overviews the process we follow to protect our donors privacy on both our website and in physical operations.

100% of donations received goes to our homeless ministry

Every dollar we receive from donations goes directly to serving the homeless in the Sunnyslope area (Phoenix, AZ). SMH maintains only one ministry. We provide food, fellowship, and other resources to the homeless and needy among us. You can trust us to accomplish that goal with your gift. We will not involve our ministry in other areas which we have not expressly mentioned in advance.


Online payments are made through a secure connection to protect your information against any misuse. In addition, we never collect or store any credit card numbers or personal information from donations made. We follow a strict system of handling any personal information that we come across including limits on the number of people who can access any personal information.


As we begin to take donations, quarterly reports of our income and spending will be available to the public. You may E-mail us to request copies of quarterly and/or annual financial statements by mail. We invite you to see where every dollar received by the ministry is spent and observe the care we take to lower our costs by minimizing our overhead. We take the transparency aspect of our financial transactions seriously. We desire to maintain your trust in us by spending every cent in a manner that is God honoring and trustworthy.

We thank you for your support of Sunnyslope Ministers of Hope.

We seek every opportunity to steward well the resources you entrust to us.